The Worldpriest Tochar Phadraig Pilgrimage 2013

WORLDPRIEST wishes to celebrate the GATHERING 2013 IN IRELAND by Inviting Priests parishioners & friends from around the world to join the Irish Nation in celebrating WORLDPRIEST wishes to celebrate the GATHERING 2013 by participating in The Worldpriest Tochar Pilgrimage walk. As you walk the Tóchar’, you will be going not only on a spiritual pilgrimage, but on a cultural and historical journey down through the ages also. And both experiences, if fully entered into, should bring about the change of heart and insight of mind which is essential to a pilgrim’s progress.

WORLDPRIEST are a group of committed Catholic Communication /Advertising laypeople, who love and cherish the priesthood of Jesus Christ, we have developed & we through the utilization of the communications with its many facets with our social networks our annual global Rosary Relay for Priests and more recently Worldpriest TV .
They AFFIRM –INSPIRE –INFORM our Priests Worldwide.

Pilgrimage  schedule-
Day 1  August 12th
9a.m                            Mass at Ballintubber Abbey
9.30p.m                       Talk on Pilgrimage & outline of walk – Historical perspective.
10.00a.m                     Cuppa & Biscuit
10.30a.m                     Tochar Phadraig Pilgrim Walk to Aughagower
3.00p.m                       Arrive in Aughagower-Transport to Accommodation etc.
Day 2  August 13th
10.30a.m                     Start in  Aughagower
12.30pm                      Arrive in Boheh
Mass at Boheh Rock
1.30p.m                       Leave for Murrisk.
3.30p.m                       Arrive in Murrisk
Transport to  Accommodation

Day 3 August 14th
10.30p.m                     Transport to Murrisk
11.30p.m                     Mass at foot of Croagh Patrick beside the statue of Saint Patrick. .
12.30 p.m                    End of pilgrimage for day 3.
Optional climb of Croagh Patrick

Day 4 August 15th
Main closing celebration of the pilgrimage with Mass at Knock Shrine Ireland’s National Marian Shrine.
2.30 p.m  The afternoon ceremonies commence with Anointing of the Sick in the Basilica
3 p.m  Mass. in the Basilica
All Priests to bring an Alb and to be in the Knock Shrine Basilica by 2pm
If you would like to take part please email: