Lough Lannagh Environmental Policy

Lough Lannagh Holiday Village is working towards the EU Eco Flower for tourist accommodation. We are currently developing our environmental policy toward sustainable tourism, and minimising our carbon footprint, through careful management of our Water, Energy use and Waste.

Lough Lannagh Environmental Policy – Holiday Village

As a family friendly holiday village in an urban location, we strive daily to protect and nurture our natural environment. We care about the world and what we do and what we will pass on to our children.

With this in mind we aim to make Lough Lannagh Holiday Village as environmentally friendly as possible.

We email where possible, and we no longer have a printed coloured brochure. Instead we encourage clients to view our information online at www.loughlannagh.ie

We ask guests to help us by recycling newspapers, magazines, cans and plastic bottles using the bins provided around the property and in your accommodation area.

Behind the scenes we reuse and recycle a wide variety of items including paper, card, glass, printer cartridges, electronic equipment, batteries, CDs, furniture, linen, and even wine bottle corks.

As well as recycling used materials, we have water saving equipment installed, and we monitor our energy usage daily to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Low energy lighting has been installed nearly everywhere. Guests can help by turning off lights, heating and appliances when they are not in their room to conserve even more energy.

In our Greenway Café and kitchen, we aim to make best use of local seasonal produce in our menus when available. We bake a selection of breads and cakes, and make limited supply of jams, chutneys, and cordials from home grown or locally foraged foods.

We are moving away from individually packaged items such as jams and sugars and are replacing them with refillable containers.

Our kitchen deliveries arrive in reusable crates where possible, and we have a composting area where garden waste is sent to be turned into natural fertiliser for our plants and flowers. Our kitchen food waste is composted using the brown bin system.

We encourage you to use the composting and recycling systems here at Lough Lannagh, and we would be delighted to advise on home composting systems . If you have any question or want or want to know more, just ask.

Outside certain parts of the grounds have been left to grow into wild flower areas to encourage local wildlife such as butterflies, moths, bats and small songbirds. Many of these creatures are becoming scarce and we are hoping to increase the local population.

Lough Lannagh Holiday Village is situated in a beautiful lakeside location and we pride ourselves on promoting local biodiversity, landscape and the conservation of same. To this end we encourage our guests to use walking and cycling routes in the locality.

Our staff members participate in the Bike2Work scheme.

We are installing bird feeders and boxes, and participate in bat conservation and mapping programmes and have identified with Birdwatch Ireland the various types of birdlife in the village.  Details of this are on our notice board situated in the lobby.

Look out for the various mosses and lichen on the trees and rocks around our grounds. This indicates little or no pollution in our area. We want to keep it that way.

Our aim is that our guests will encourage others to look after the world for future generations.

We hope you will join us in trying to make Lough Lannagh Holiday Village as environmentally friendly as possible.

We have implemented a number of steps that we feel will help achieve more responsible and sustainable tourism. These include:

  • Green purchasing policy
  • Minimal use of paper
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaners and soaps wherever possible
  • Staff training
  • Monitor usage of water, waste, energy
  • Promotion and support of local businesses and cultural events

We have thought of some ways in which you can help us:

  • Please use water as efficiently as possible during your stay
  • Please don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth
  • Please notify a member of staff if you notice any leaks.
  • Please switch off your lights when you leave your bedroom
  • Please close windows and door to conserve heat
  • Spend a day of your time with us ‘car free’ (Maybe walk or cycle the Greenway route from here, or go kayaking on the lake)
  • Visit us at reception and give us your ideas on how we can do more to reduce, re-use and recycle!

Thank you for doing your bit!

Paul & Gerardine Lennon